IP Law and Judicial Enforcement in an International Perspective, Università Roma Tre, Facoltà di Giurisprudenza

The seminar is aimed at focusing the current system of international rules on IP law and their impact on national and regional systems. The seminar is addressed to academic scholars, Ph.D. candidates, and students of the International Law course.
The first session will be devoted to the role of international IP rules, introduced within the framework of the WTO, in eliminating trade obstacles, and whether they can be considered adequate to face the challenges posed by scientific and technological progress, taking into account market, social and economic priorities, also at a regional and national level.
The second session will deal with the enactment of TRIPS rules within the European Union and its Member States, and the consistency of the EU framework. In particular the issue will be seen through the lenses of judicial experience, and of the relevant case-law of the European Court of Justice and of national courts.

Registration and attendance to the Seminar are free and open to the public.
The Seminar has been approved by the Rome Bar Council, in accordance with the requirements of the Italian Bar Association – Continuing Legal Education, for a total of 8 credit hours.
The Seminar has been included among elective activities and students attending all the Seminar will be granted 1 CFU.
To register, please e-mail: fmaschio@uniroma3.it
within November 30, 2009.



IP Law and Judicial Enforcement in an International Perspective
University of Roma Tre Faculty of Law

Thursday, December 3, 2009
Friday, December 4, 2009

IP Law and Judicial Enforcement in an International Perspective IP Law and Judicial Enforcement in an International Perspective
First session

IP and World Trade Agreements

Thursday 3rd of December – 3 pm

Chair Professor Antonietta DI BLASE
University of Roma Tre

Professor Fiona MACMILLAN
University of London, Birkbeck College
Copyright, Cultural Diversity and the WTO

Professor Pia ACCONCI
University of Teramo
Pharmaceutical patents

Professor Mario FRANZOSI
University of Bergamo
Process and Product Patents: Do Product Inventions Exist in Real Life?

Professor Stefano SANDRI
University of Roma Tre
Signs and Trademarks

Dr. Giuseppe MAZZIOTTI, Ph.D.
University of Copenhagen
Collecting societies and Cultural Diversity in Europe

Dr. Valentina VADI Ph.D.
University of Maastricht
Mapping Uncharted Waters: IP Disputes with Public Health Elements in Investor-State Arbitration

Second session

Transnational Judicial Enforcement

Friday 4th of December – 9.30 am

Chair Professor Vincenzo ZENO-ZENCOVICH
University of Roma Tre

Professor Toshiko TAKENAKA
University of Washington, School of Law – CASRIP
Patent Enforcement Systems in a Comparative Perspective

Professor Giandonato CAGGIANO
University of Roma Tre
National Case-Law and the Role of the EU in the Implementation of IP Rights

Judge Mihaela CIOCEA
Bucharest Court of Appeal – IP Division
Urgent Measures and Injunction for Protecting Patents

Judge Gabriella MUSCOLO
Rome Court of first instance – IP Division
IPR Enforcement, Towards a Model of an International Judge? Procedural Rules and Best Practices

Dr. Francesca MASCHIO Ph.D.
University of Roma Tre
Applicable Law Issues

Dr. Charles MASSA Ph.D.
The EC Patent and Unified Patent Litigation System Project

The Seminar is organized by the Department of European Law and the Information & Knowledge Society Project

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