Italia di nuovo nella watch list USA dei paesi sotto osservazione a causa della pirateria

L’Office of the United States Trade Representative ha inserito anche quest’anno l’Italia nella cosiddetta watch list dei paesi da tenere sotto osservazione perché ad alto rischio di pirateria.
Assieme all’Italia, nella watch list 2011, sono stati inseriti Bielorussia, Bolivia, Brasile, Brunei, Colombia, Costarica, Repubblica Dominicana, Ecuador, Egitto, Finlandia, Grecia, Guatemala, Giamaica, Kuwait, Malaysia, Messico, Norvegia, Perù, Filippine, Romania, Spagna, Tagikistan, Turchia, Turkmenistan, Ucraina, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.
La posizione dell’Italia è illustrata a pagina 36, ed è la seguente:
“Italy remains on the Watch List with an Out-of-Cycle review to be conducted this year.
Italy continued to make progress in improving its IPR protection and enforcement in 2010, including by increased cooperation among law enforcement officials and improved enforcement actions against certain types of IPR violations.
The United States remains concerned that, overall enforcement against copyright piracy continues to be inadequate and that piracy over the Internet continues to grow, severely damaging the legitimate market for distribution of copyrighted works.
The United States welcomes recent efforts to address piracy over the Internet, and looks forward to measures to help ameliorate this problem.
Specifically, proposed regulations by the Italian Communications Authority (AGCOM) could provide rights holders with an avenue to curb IPR violations online in an effective manner.
The United States encourages Italy to ensure that the AGCOM regulations are swiftly promulgated and implemented, that these regulations create an effective mechanism against copyright piracy over the Internet, and that they address all types of piracy that takes place online.
The United States also encourages Italy to address other IPR issues, including a troubling Data Protection Agency ruling prohibiting the monitoring of peer-to-peer networks.
While rights holders report good efforts by the Finance Police and the Customs Police, few cases reach final sentencing and courts still fail to impose deterrent level sentences.
The United States will continue to work with Italy to address these and other matters”.
Il rapporto è scaricabile al seguente indirizzo:

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