Lionel Bently, Uma Suthersanen, Paul Torremans, Global Copyright. Three Hundred Years Since the Statute of Anne, from 1709 to Cyberspace


Edited by Lionel Bently, Herchel Smith Professor of Intellectual Property Law, University of Cambridge, UK, Uma Suthersanen, Professor in International Intellectual Property Law, Queen Mary, University of London, UK and Paul Torremans, Professor of Intellectual Property Law, School of Law, University of Nottingham, UK
This innovative book celebrates the tri-centenary of modern copyright, which began with the enactment of the Statute of Anne by the British Parliament in 1709, and was soon followed by other copyright legislation abroad. The Statute of Anne is traditionally claimed to be the world’s first copyright statute, and is thus viewed as the origin of a system of national laws that today exists in virtually all countries of the world. However, this book illustrates that while there is some truth in this claim, it is also important to treat it with caution.

Written by leading experts from across the globe, this comprehensive (historical) analysis breaks new ground on modern copyright issues such as digital libraries, illegal downloading and distribution, international exhaustion and ‘new formalities’. The expert contributors consider what lessons can be learnt from the achievements made during the last 300 years, and whether they can be used to overcome the new challenges facing copyright.

This in-depth scientific analysis of the legacy of the Statute of Anne 300 years on from its origins will provide copyright practitioners, academics, policy makers and postgraduate students with a unique and fascinating read.

544 pp Hardback
978 1 84844 766
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Opening Speech
Victor Nabhan

1. Introduction to Part I: The History of Copyright
Lionel Bently

2. The Statute of Anne 1709–10: Its Historical Setting
William Cornish

3. What’s New About the Statute of Anne? Or Six Observations in Search of an Act
Ronan Deazley

4. To What Degree Did the Statute of Anne (8 Anne, c.19, [1709]) Affect Commercial Practices of the Book Trade in Eighteenth-Century England? Some Provisional Answers about Copyright, Chiefly from Bibliography and Book History
Michael F. Suarez, S.J.

5. The Statute of Anne and Author’s Rights: Pope v. Curll (1741)
Mark Rose

Transition from Guild Regulation to Modern Copyright Law

6. Transition from Guild Regulation to Modern Copyright Law – A View from the Low Countries
Willem Grosheide

7. Transition from Guild Regulation to Modern Copyright Law (Sweden)
Gunnar Petri

8. From Privilege to Modern Copyright Law
Martin Vogel

Influence, Past and Present, of the Statute of Anne on Civil and Common Law Countries

9. The Influence (Past and Present) of the Statute of Anne in France
Christophe Geiger

10. The Influence of the Statute of Anne on Belgian Copyright Law
Joris Deene

11. Colonial Copyright Redux: 1709 v 1832
Pierre-Emmanuel Moyse

12. Introduction to Part II
Uma Suthersanen

13. Phoenixes in the Internet Era – The Changing Role of Libraries
Dame Lynne J. Brindley

Digital Libraries in the Current Legal and Educational Environment

14. The Development of Digital Libraries in the United States
June M. Besek

15. Digital Libraries in the Current Legal and Educational Environment: A European Perspective
Marco Ricolfi

16. Digital Libraries in the Current Legal and Educational Environment: Towards a Remunerated Compulsory License or Limitation?
Raquel Xalabarder

Collective Administration for Online Libraries: A Rightsholders’ Dream or an Outdated Illusion?

17. Digital Libraries: Collective Administration for Online Libraries – A Rightsholders’ Dream or an Outdated Illusion?
Tarja Koskinen-Olsson

18. Towards a Contextual Copyright?
Ysolde Gendreau

Online Digitalisation and Licensing

19. Google Book Search
Harjinder Obhi

20. Problem or Solution? Mass Digitisation of Library Stocks and the Google Book Settlement
Christian Sprang

21. Online Exploitation and Licensing: General Reporter’s Summary and Proposals for Discussion
J.A.L. Sterling

22. Introduction to Part III
Paul Torremans

International Exhaustion

23. International Exhaustion
André Lucas

24. The Economic Perspective: Exhaustion in the Digital Age
Andreas Wiebe

Exhaustion in Digital Products: The Impact on Economic Rights

25. The Legal Perspective on Exhaustion in the Borderless Era: Consideration of a Digital First Sale Doctrine for Online Transmissions of Digital Works in the United States
Marybeth Peters

26. Exhaustion in Digital Products and the ‘Accidental’ Impact on the Balance of Interests in Copyright Law
Tomasz Targosz

27. Exhaustion – A Casualty of the Borderless Digital Era
Trevor Cook


28. Historical Appearances and Disappearances of Formalities: From Berne to National Laws
Delia Lipszyc

29: Formalities in the Digital Era: An Obstacle or Opportunity?
Stef van Gompel

30. The US Experience with Formalities: A Love/Hate Relationship
Jane C. Ginsburg

31. The Scope of Formalities in International Copyright Law in a Digital Context
Takeshi Hishinuma

Global Administration

32. The Graduated Response and the Role of Intermediaries: Avoiding the Apocalypse or a Return to the Sources?
Pierre Sirinelli

Closing Speech
Victor Nabhan

Closing Dinner Speech at Lincoln’s Inn, 17 June 2009
Lord Hoffmann

Appendix 1: The Statute of Anne 1709–1710

Appendix 2: Further Reading


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