Catherine Seville, Eu Intellectual Property Law And Policy

Catherine Seville, Vice-Principal and Director of Studies in Law, Newnham College and University Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge, UK
“This book’s innovative contribution is to view EU IP law as a subject in its own right, not just an extra to accounts of national law. The very up-to-date coverage strikes an excellent balance between detail and overview, while Dr Seville also discusses thoughtfully the wider international frameworks, policy issues and debates in which development of EU IP law is enmeshed. Dr Seville fully deserves the gratitude of IP lawyers and students for this outstandingly helpful study.”
– Hector Macqueen, Edinburgh Law School, UK

“The book is as timely as it is well-written and thorough. The contributions of the EU to most aspects of intellectual property law are increasingly dominant. This treatment places them apart from the national laws of member states, thus emphasising the common core that now they provide. Many will want to study this presentation.”
– William R. Cornish, University of Cambridge, UK

Intellectual property (IP) is a crucial contributor to economic growth and competitiveness within the EU. This book offers a compact and accessible account of EU intellectual property law and policy, covering copyright, patents, designs, trademarks and the enforcement of rights. The author also addresses aspects of the free movement of goods and services, competition law, customs measures and anti-counterfeiting efforts.
Setting EU intellectual property law in its wider international context, this work reveals the framework within which the national IP laws of member states operate. The book seeks to highlight the most important policy issues and arguments of relevance to the EU, both within the Union, and in its relations with the rest of the world.
With its detailed references, cross-referencing and suggestions for further readings, EU Intellectual Property Law and Policy is essential reading for postgraduate students and academic lawyers in IP and EU law. Practitioners seeking a broad account of the area will also appreciate this important contribution.

Edward Elgar
2009 488 pp Hardback 978 1 84720 123 2 £ 95.00 on-line discount £ 85.50

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