Is Software Patentability Necessary? European Parliament, Brussels, Room ASP 1E2

Tuesday, 26 November 2002

Is Software Patentability Necessary?
The political implications of the technical directive (com2002)092

Conference of the Greens/EFA Group in the EP , Room ASP 1E2

Registration (Entrance of the Altiero Spinelli building, rue Wiertz, B-1047, Brussels)

Introduction by MEP Danielle Auroi (Les Verts, France) and MEP Paul Lannoye (Ecolo, Belgium)

Keynote speech by Commissioner Frits Bolkestein to be confirmed

PANEL I : Software Law
Chaired by Piia Noora Kauppi MEP (EPP, Finland)
Heidi Hautala, MEP (Greens/EFA Group, EP) History of legal attempts
Sylvain Perchaud, Legal protection of software – patents versus copyright
Hermann Shölch (patent examiner) Inflation of patents

PANEL II : Software Economy
Chaired by Michel Rocard MEP (PES, France, President of the Culture Committee)
François Pellegrini (Assistant Professor in Computer Science, University of Bordeaux): Economy of software patents – who wins, who loses
Pierre Haren (CEO of ILOG) : Impact of software patents on innovative software companies
Brian Kahin (Director, Center for Information Policy, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland) : Software patents and innovation management in the information age

16:15 Pause

Chaired by MEP Marco Cappato (PRT, Italy)
Jean-Pierre Berlan (INRA, France): Patents on livelihood
Richard Stallman (Free Software Foundation): Impact on software development

ROUNDTABLE and Perspectives
Chaired by MEP Paul Lannoye with the speakers and Astrid Thors, Gilles Savary (PES), Marco Cappato (PRT), Piia Noora Kauppi (EPP) Mercedes Echerer (Greens/EFA, Austria)

CONCLUSION by MEP Danielle Auroi

Interpretation in English and French
Information and registration:
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